Education and Career

The success of an individual’s life highly depends on the quality of education received. Economic, social, and political wealth, prosperity, and stability depend on education.

Yuva Spandana focuses on education and career issues faced by current youth and guides them towards their empowerment.

Health and Lifestyle

Good nutrition, daily exercise, and adequate sleep are the foundations of healthy living. A healthy lifestyle keeps you fit, energetic, and at reduced risk for disease.

According to WHO, Healthy living is a way of living that helps you enjoy more aspects of your life. Yuva Spandana facilitates a healthy lifestyle…



Man is known to be a social being and from birth to death, he interacts with everybody around and is known to be living in a web of relationships that shape his personality and the trajectory of his existence.

Relationships are the foundations of emotional and psychological well-being. What to do when you have difficulty in maintaining relationships? Yuva Spandana can help you in maintaining relationships


Personality Development

The development, improvement, and sharpening of individual personalities or characteristics is called Personality Development. The personality features may change due to internal and external situational demands. Hence, personality is adaptive to situations.

How do we develop our personalities to face these internal and external demands? Yuva Spandana paves the way!


Gender, Sex and Sexuality

Gender, Sex, and Sexuality is such a topic where youth or any other would hesitate to talk about. A very important topic that needs to be addressed especially during youthful age, so that youth do not get into dilemma or issues related to gender sex, and sexuality.

Yuva Spandana helps in making this awareness and provides guidance to address the same.



Safety is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Young people are more involved in risk-taking behaviors. The number of injuries is on the rise among youth leading to increased deaths, hospitalizations, disabilities, and socio-economic losses in the country.

How to be safe is what Yuva Spandana focuses on….