Health and lifestyle of individuals include behaviours that may or may not be risk factors for illness, injury, and disease. Since behaviour is dynamic and subject to change, people can be taught to change and embrace healthy behaviours.

It is essential that healthy behaviours be learnt early in life so that they become healthy habits which in turn can ensure wellness throughout life. Targeting youth to help them learn about health and good healthy habits is a strategic move for the following reasons:

  • Youth is a stage of life when physical and psychological growth is still continuing. In order to lead a healthy life in future certain investments in health habit can begin, especially because they can take responsibility for their own behaviours.
  • This is also the stage when addictive behaviour is picked up mostly due to peer pressure, fuelled by several psychological inadequacies. Teaching healthy life styles can either prevent these behaviours from developing or stop these behaviours if they have already began.

Youth can be agents of change, wherein they can influence others in their own communities to lead a healthy life. Proper guidance / counseling/ referral services will be provided at the Yuva Spandana Kendra on Issues related to youth health and lifestyle.

In Health and Lifestyle, Yuva Spandana focuses mainly on

  • Physical well being
  • Psychological well being
  • Spiritual well being
  • Positive mental health
  • Dealing with Addiction (Alcohol, Tobacco, Technology, Internet, Cell Phone)

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