• Want to organize an awareness program at your college/institute?
    Yuva Spandana sensitization programs can be organized anywhere provided there is a place to sit for 10-500 people. If you would like us to come and conduct an awareness program at your esteemed institution, kindly contact us.
  • Want to get your institute/resource center mapped?
    If your institution is resourceful and you would like everyone to utilize it, then get it mapped! Contact us and we will map your institution so that whoever comes looking for guidance, can send it to your institution.
  • Want to get trained in Life skills?
    Life skills training and counseling services program is a 6-day training program conducted adapting facilitation as a process of learning utilizing different experiential learning techniques. This is based on the belief that natural learning happens through learning by doing and by learning from others (observing). The training methodology has proven that while imparting life skills to individuals it is possible to simulate the real-life situations in the program where individuals experience and learn strategies to better deal with their everyday life hassles. If you want to get enrolled in the training, kindly contact us.
  • Want to be a Yuva Parivarthaka?
    Click here
  • Want to collaborate?
    Sensitization Programme can be held for free at your association, school, and college.

Come join your hands, Let’s raise awareness
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