Why is Safety Important?

Safety and security are important aspects of everyone’s life, especially for a critical age of youth group. As young people are in productive years of life, it is important that they are safe to enjoy a meaningful and productive life. Youth in common are at higher risk-taking behaviors and this has very often led them for getting into trouble such as road traffic accidents, drowning, getting into violence, suicide, etc., In turn, these intentional or unintentional injuries have a major impact on family, friends and the overall community. But a safe life is always worth happiness, a trouble-free attitude, joy, and bliss. Therefore, one needs to be aware of safe behaviors in day-to-day life and to educate others on the skills for building up a safer community.

Youth and Safety topics under Yuva Spandana provide information on different types of injuries and other patterns among youth in the country, Karnataka, and different districts within Karnataka. It also emphasizes on

  •  Information on different preventive measures to be taken by youth,
  •  The role of family and community in protecting youth from injuries
  •  The responsibilities of the Government for the safety of youth

In Safety, Yuva Spandana focuses mainly on

  • Road safety
  • Information on being good Samaritans
  • Gender Safety
  • Emotional Safety
  • Relationship Safety

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