Before getting into developing interpersonal relationship skills, let’s discuss why relationships are important?

  • Good relationships with family are very important as youth gain trust which helps with the relationships with others in the society
  • Relationships with family, parents, or friends are stress buster and heal any wound quicker/better
  • Being in a healthy relationship, a person feels a sense of well being and provides purpose in life
  • Good relationships also help in longevity

Yuva Spandana addresses issues around different aspects of relationships. This includes relationships concerning

  1. Youth themselves,
  2. Youth and their family,
  3. Youth and their peers, and
  4. Youth and society.

Youth seeking help at Yuva Spandana Kendra with issues such as conflicts with the family members, love relationships, bullying, problems with peers, and personality problems will be screened by Yuva Parivarthakas. If they could manage the issue and guide, they will support it. When they cannot manage, they will be referred to the networked institutions or organizations.

In Relationships, Yuva Spandana focuses mainly on

  • Relationship with Parents
  • Intergenerational bonding
  • Marital relationship
  • Romantic relationship
  • Peer relationship
  • Virtual relationship
  • Healthy communication

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