Education is important for youth as this is the time to develop understanding and principles of life, make career choices and pursuit of goals. The main aim of education is to help the youth acquire necessary skill sets and develop the necessary expertise in their chosen area of interest. Education is what makes youth the agents of development, good governance, and progress.
One of the major challenges that youth face is in the area of academics and this particular area has a major impact on their lives. Yuva Spandana help in understanding the purpose and goals of education, identifying and addressing various factors contributing to problems in this area and also guide them to appropriate referral points when necessary. It is important to understand the long term impact that good education can have on the quality of our lives.

Yuva Spandana focus on various factors that impact education like financial difficulties, beliefs about education of children, lack of motivation, poor teaching methods, genuine learning difficulties etc. In a nutshell, an ideal education takes care of the physical, intellectual, psychological and social development of an individual. Understanding the needs of such youth, helping them to cope with the problems of studying and preventing drop-out go a long way in making young people live a productive and contented life. Yuva Parivarthakas will provide support to the youth and their families or teachers to overcome issues related to education and academic issues which is vital for the overall development of Youth and society.

In Education & Career, Yuva Spandana focuses mainly on

  •  Goal Setting
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Time- Management
  • Handling Exams
  • Managing Education Stress
  • Coping with failure

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