Personality is the form of both physical and psychological characteristics of an individual. Once we are able to characterise someone’s personality, we can predict how that individual behave in various situations/circumstances. Having understanding on ‘Personality’ will allow us to deal with people in realistic & acceptable ways. For example, when there is friend or colleague of us who does not like orders, the most effective way to deal with that friend or colleague will be not to give any orders instead talking warmly with them and get the things done; similarly, the one who has feelings of inferiority needs to be treated differently from the one who is self-confident.

Youth phase is the most crucial stage for an individual to adapt to changes in his/her positive thinking, behaviour and way to respond to a situation. The healthy development of all these plays an important role in preparing youths physically, socially and psychologically well to deal with their life situations in successive way. A healthy pattern of personality development helps youths to improve or sharpen their skills and prepare them to lead a personal and professional life in a better manner. No matter where a youth goes or what career & personal life plans they choose, if they do not develop a healthy personality due to the today’s increase in competition the chances are higher that they lack behind among others. As an individual requires training on to learn computer skills, communication skills similarly youth may require training/guidance/help to develop healthy personality. A healthy development of personality goes a long way in reducing stress and conflicts. Yuva Parivarthaks while doing Sensitization Programs can emphasis the significance or the need of developing healthy personalities. And also, if any youth who require support to develop their personalities or if they have any issues related to personality, they can visit Yuva Spandana Kendra of their respective districts to get further guidance.

In Personality development, Yuva Spandana focuses mainly on

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-esteem
  • Emotional issues
  • Thinking pattern
  • Handling Emotions

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