I am Sunitha. I lost my father when I was very young. My mother is the only one, who can take care of me and my elder brother. So,


I am Sumesh. Ours is a poor family. My mother worked hard and takes care of us. Now a day, my mother’s health condition is no


My name is Soujanya. My husband had a habit of drinking and comes and drinks every day. He spends entire his earning on drinking.


My name Shravani and I am studying Bachelor of Science degree. Now a day my attention span has been decreased. If our professors are


I am Shankar and I am 21 years old, I am studying degree. From the beginning, it was very difficult to socialize with new people.


My name is Shakunthala. We were very happy even though we were very poor. My children were studying in a Government school


I am Samarth. Basically, I am from the Shivamogga district. Currently, I am living in Bangalore with my parents. Since childhood, I had


I am Ravi, working as a reporter in a newspaper. My mother was feeling tired and headache for few days. So, we took her to a nearby


My name is Rangaswamy. I am 34 years old and I have been working as a mercenary worker. My son had a hearing problem after three


I am Rakshith. I started non–government institution after completing my MSW. The arrangement was mainly to treat the


My name is Prema. I am studying a degree in commerce subject and I have loved a boy for the past three years. We are successful in


I am Manjula. Ours is a very poor family. My father is doing mercenary work. I am the elder of his three daughters. I am studying P U C


My name is Manju. I have 26 years of an old son. For few years he started behaving differently. Then we were taken to Manasa hospital


I am Mahesh. I and Suma both loved each other.  After few months of my graduation, I was looking for a job, because I had no


My name is Madhuri. Ours is a middle-class family and home town is Mangalore, still, my parents are living there. Before six

Madhumathi, II PU Student

My name is Madhumathi. I am studying II year PUC. My father was always drinking. So I was very upset. My father used to make anger on me

Madhumathi, Diploma Student

My name is Madhumathi. I am studying diploma. Every day I and my friends used to go tea shop. There I made friends with a boy


I am Karuna. Three years ago I gave my daughter to the doctor and got married. In beginning, she had well connected with her husband


I am Jesina. I am worried about my grandson because his teachers were identified him as a less attention and concentration child.


My name is Harish. I am 17 years old and studying PUC. We are three children and I am the elder one of my parents. Financially we


I am Chandan. I am 17 years old boy. I have scored good marks in class 10. So, my parents suggest to I read engineering. Recently,


My name is Bhanu. I was excellent in my studies, my dream was to become a teacher. In the last year, it was destroyed because of


My name is Ashwini. I am 23 years old. I am doing my Masters’s degree. For about three months, I am getting frequent callings


I am Anushree. I am 20 years old. I am staying in a hostel and doing my post-graduation. My father wants to give me a good education


My daughter is 13 years old. Her hands and feet were so sweaty even she could not work out. This made her very shy in school